After The Affair

A Guide To Navigating The Immediate Crisis

Course Summary

I'm so sorry you are here. I know that what brought you here is grueling. Discovering an affair(s) can turn your whole world upside down and inside out!

You're likely reeling with a 1000 questions a second, and your mood might be going from ice cold to raging anger and complete despair (or be stuck at one of these). This mini course (guide) aims to help you understand which questions are okay to ask, and which ones not to. What to expect. What's 'normal' and the stages of recovery.

I am so glad you're looking for support. What you're going through is incredibly painful, and it can be really hard to see which way is up when the demolition of what you thought you knew is still in progress. This course has short video's covering some of the core points to help navigate the immediate crisis.

No need to decide whether you want to stay or go in your marriage right now. Your world has just been turned upside down, and you can take some time to figure out which way is up in your life right now (and what is left of the foundations of your relationship).

This course is not a substitute to therapy, but covers some of the key topics I would share with couples in my practice.

My hope with this course is to give you some practical insights into what you're going through, and what to expect, to help you feel prepared (and sane) during the crisis.

I hope to be a calm voice of support during the turmoil and give you a compassionate guiding hand until you decide what you want to do (go for therapy or coaching with someone for your relationship or yourself).

We will discuss some myths, the phases to expect during recovery, and I also have a chapter for the unfaithful spouse should he/she be wanting to know how to support you better during this time! (If you're the unfaithful partner reading this, then the course could help you understand what your partner is going through, why they're asking so many questions, which questions are okay and which ones should be kept for sessions, and how to support them during this time).

  • What to expect now
  • Understanding the phases of recovery
  • Myths
  • Self-Care
  • Some other important concepts
  • A chapter for the unfaithful partner

Course Curriculum

Tehilla Tehilla

After nearly a decade in private practice, I have taken my top tools and insights to create courses to make therapy more accessible and to allow my clients to have the courses at their disposal to go through and go back to whenever it suits you! 

Couples struggling with mental health or addiction, abuse, even affairs, should prioritize in-person therapy. 
Courses can be life-changing, but please note this is not a substitute for therapy/counseling/coaching. 

Tehilla Luttig


I am so sorry for the pain you are in. You are not alone, and while the dust still settles, be kind to yourself and get you support where you can. 

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  • What to Expect
  • Self-Care Crisis Management Tools
  • Stages of Affair Discovery Recovery
  • A Chapter for the Unfaithful Partner
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